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We are here to help your organizations in achieving your business objectives. In addition to providing IT consultancies we help equip individuals excel in IT career by providing strategic training on various IT courses. These training provide you with ample skills to solve real-world practical computing issues and it will prepare you to practice for certification exams. Corporations are looking for IT experts to meet their growing demands and we will be preparing you to be one.


About Us

MTM Consulting Group is founded by a group of highly skilled IT experts to deliver IT Solutions.

Our goal is to provide superior IT solutions to organizations and also to prepare skillful IT professionals to meet the growing demand of IT experts.

Our vision is to become the most trusted and leading IT professional service provider for our clients.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us how we can be of any assistance.


Our Mission

To build products that will help our clients improve productivity and leads them to measurable goals. We assist and transform clients by helping them solve their current and future complex business challenges. We deliver implementation, operational assistance and technology solutions to help clients succeed in their business environments.

To help our trainees learn cutting edge IT technologies and succeed in their career. We equip our trainees with creative capabilities to help them understand how work gets done effectively in the ever growing competitive IT industries.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy and core values are part of our DNA, what we stand for as a startup company.

  • Clients first: Focus on our clients and our trainees and all else will follow.
  • Learn and Grow: Constantly, pursue learning and the personal growth that comes from it.
  • Dream Big: Never stop believing that succeeding in new career is possible, that anything is possible.
  • Hungry for Change: We and our trainees have a constant desire for change for the better, and today is the time to begin.
  • Collaborate and assist: We assist our trainees and do great things together


Our Services
We consolidate our IT services into two major categories:
* Training – We give a whole lots of training on SharePoint development and management, Database development and management, Software quality assurance, Software development using .Net and Java Languages
* Consulting – We are here to help your business exceed it’s success expectations by providing software solutions and support


Our Commitment
We are committed to offering the most relevant and timely training delivered by the highly skilled instructors, flexible training scheduling options and continuous learning support to accelerate your success. We are providing instructions that span from foundation training to specialized certifications. Our consultancy is committed to assist in business analysis, process improvement and providing customers with their choice of IT solutions.


Our team
MTM Founders have many years of experiences in Information Technology sector. We have experiences working on multiple capacities and wide ranges of technologies.  We are software engineers and leaders who have had immense experiences working with top-notch tech firms, financial institutions, consulting firms, public sectors, state and federal government.  And we are passionate about exceeding your expectations.

We deliver real and measurable results – that’s what we do best.

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901 S Highland St Room 314
Arlington, Virginia 22204
Phone: (240) 547-6851

About MTM

MTM Training and Consulting is started by a group of highly qualified and motivated Information Technology Professionals to help you boost your IT career, and your company's productivity
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